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3:48 PM

All Dressed Up

Etched by Isaac


It was pretty refreshing to see my friends all dressed up yesterday; a total change from what they have to wear in college. I mean the girls. The guys look pretty much the same because.. how much can a guy dress up? Formal wear is quite limited. The girls however, came in dresses and scarves and more.. hahaha. =D

It was a visit to KLCC to watch the MPO under the German class. The trip was only made possible by our dearest German lecturer - Frau Maria! And she brought her fellow German lecturers and her husband (who is also a German lecturer at my college) along to enjoy the show. They sat separately from us students, some of which were scolded for taking pictures inside the orchestra hall. (I was being good so I didn't get scolded)

Und das sind Frau Maria und Ihr Studentin

The performance was of the highest quality and the pianist was superb. Immaculate and impeccable. No flaws except maybe that some of us felt pretty sleepy, and some couldn't appreciate the music. Perhaps something more contemporary would have pleased everyone's palate. But then again, you can never please everybody. Anyway, it was the Viennese Piano. Haha. There was a huge Steinway & Sons grand taking the centrestage. I pointed out the hanging microphones to my other friends who had never been there before. We all marveled at the intricately-lit rooftop.

Obviously, we took pictures. Not everyday do we get to see each other dressed to the nines. (relatively, that is)

Apparently picture-taking isn't allowed everywhere in KLCC. Whoops. 

I have to say Chili's is wonderful. (minus the price tag and the long waiting list) I love the chips thingy.. (forgot the name).. hahahahah! =)

-had a wonderful time here-

The night view of KLCC from the very bottom..

Then they hopped onto the college bus and went back to Shah Alam while I headed for the LRT to go home.
Two weeks is going to be a long time. =(
oh well. Soon. =)

After this will be the Metro Carnival!! =)

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