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5:14 PM

It's been FIVE weeks

Etched by Isaac

I admit I don't get to blog as much as I'd like to anymore. Previously I would be updating this blog everyday or every other day but nowadays that just isn't possible anymore. Not unless I simply spill out whatever happened to me everyday but that wouldn't be appropriate. Plus I just can't afford the time.

Yes, it has been five whole weeks since I last updated here. My Facebook is far more active, what with me logging in every week or whenever I get the chance to go online, even if for just a while.

I must say that life at college can be as simple as you want it to be, or as complex as you wish, depending on how you accept things and how you respond to peoples' demands. It's a matter of how much you want to care about something, or how nonchalant you can be. Being the class rep can be an easy job, or a totally demanding one, in tandem with the amount of concern you place into it.

In retrospect, sometimes it's better not to care so much because other people just don't appreciate it. It's better to save your energy for other more worthwhile people. Avoiding those who just don't budge is a good way to save time and energy and saliva. Conflicts are unavoidable but they can be minimised. College is a good place to train for the future workplace.

But there is fun in taking pictures. =)


 Even the biology lab is not spared the madness of my class.. unfortunately.. hahaha. =)
The Hug Squad. =P at work again..
Brine Shrimp, Lemna sp and Brassica Rapa.. hehe. =)


Since the reign of King Allan, we haven't had much to complain about. Much that is. Not nothing. =P hahaha.. with such a good lecturer, who can set an exam paper that brings us to our knees, we should be able to get A* for Chemistry in A Levels.. hahahaha. =P


German Class

Ich lernen Deutsch!!! =) sehr sehr glucklich!! =) bist bald!! Tschuss!!

My Class - 10M7

The wacky stuff that happens in the depths of my classroom.. hahahah. =) with presentations and faces and all. =)

source of laughter too. 
Isaac Constant. =.=''
triggered by the mechanism of asking for the class's exam papers.. =.=''
aggravated by Kelvin factor. =P


 There's always something new under the sun at my college be it a smile, a rainbow or a student climbing up the stairs (from the outside). =P


The place where I spend most of my free time. (studying of course) and freezing in the winter-like airconditioning.. haha. =) a treasure trove of books and computers await the hardy resource-seeker.. amidst the chatty banter of bystanders and observers..

My source of non-stop laughter that day. 
Xavier and Bing Chan. Hahah!! =D

INTALE Audition Night.

INTEC Got Talent. Lousy grammar I know.. but that is the name. Or was the name. Anyway we stayed to see and support the participants. =) good acts.. the best IMHO was the dancing with the sorry sorry song. =) haha.. but they didn't win in the end. A band won. And arguably. Haha.
MUGI was the best actor/tress of course. =P
And the Chinese Girls Troupe was pretty nice. =)

The skit which elicited the most laughter.. because there was MUGI in it!! =D


INTEC Carnival and Open Day.
I joined the Fear Factor with Poh Chai.. and I fell off the chair in the preliminary elimination round. >.<
Thank God I didn't break anything..
But then again it was a good thing as we didn't need to waste time there and eat and drink disgusting stuff.. (which participants later reported stomachaches about).. and we could go other places.. like to the stalls, the Ghost House and the Speaking Competition.
And I was dragged to take pictures of friends with the Minis there.. hahahahah =)
Overall it was indeed a very fun day. =) and I got back home in time for dinner. =D

My badges!
(now quite unused.. =.='')

 Speaking competition

It was interesting to see them speak. Hahah. Especially Poh Chai with his title: "Love is in the Air".
Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to hear Xavier speak. =( he won both categories - table topics and prepared speech.



We had celebrations in class.. with cakes and songs and laughter..

Noodle Station

Where we had our class dinner plus quadruple birthday celebration - Sheila, Chien Chong, Diyanah and Salha. I pity the waiters and waitresses.. because we made a lot of noise. After all the planning and arguing cum discussing we had to hold this dinner,  I guess it was worth the energy expended.
 I had fun. =)

And that brings the end of a super dee duper long post chock full of pictures. =P

And I went to Janice's Birthday Party. =P

Had a fun time here. Thanks Janice. =) hahahah. 21 already. wow. =)

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