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4th Dimension

Etched by Isaac

There is a fourth Dimension to this world. And it is through this dimension that acts which defy logical boundaries are carried out. For example, stuff like walking on fire and impossible magic tricks and supernatural healing. It is true that the first dimension is moulded by the second dimension which is in turn controlled by the third dimension, and all three of these dimensions belong to this world. Likewise, the fourth dimension has dominion over the third dimension, and hence all three dimensions.

What is this fourth dimension, you may ask?

It is the spirit.
And when the spirit teams up with God, miracles happen, but only at God's will.

Through the same manner, the spirit can partner with the evil one and perform seemingly miraculous acts.
But I am not qualified to comment.

The Fourth Dimension - Dr. David Yonggi Cho (pastor of the largest church in Korea and in the world)

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