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5:59 PM

Exams are Over!! =D

Etched by Isaac

Finally the two weeks of sitting in the Great Hall have come to an end!
Studying can take a back seat as the holidays come about!
Actually I still need to study. =.='' oh well. =)

I must say that this semester practically FLEW by.. as the days passed like flipping pages in a book.. Day in and day out doing work and going back home every weekend. I actually counted time by church services because I'd have a service a week.. and every time I went to church I'd tell myself.. ANOTHER week ALREADY?! So Fast!
But they say that time flies when you're having fun and I am indeed having fun =)
College life is very very fun. =)

The Library - where I spend most of my free time.
There's air-conditioning, comfortable chairs, spacious tables and a quiet environment.
What more could I ask for? (perhaps a bed to sleep on but that's out of the question)
Where I study is the Library. (ayat songsang)
Oh and they have 100 computers with Internet access too. =)

Accompanied with the dampening spirit of having to do lots of homework and stuff, that is. Overall it's great however. Can't believe I only have another two semesters to go.. can't believe I'm already a SENIOR. I feel as if I just got my SPM results like yesterday.. and I entered the gates of Cendana wondering what place this is, and now I'm leaving Cendana for Cemara. Time FLIES!

Every single day is a day well spent, by God's grace. And every day is filled with unique challenges with different solutions. However, I find that relying on God is a good method to ease the stress burden effectively. And good friends make the burden even lighter. =)

Scoundrels and rascals abound within the class too. Proper remedial treatment must be administered in tactful doses in order to restore the order of the universe and decrease the entropy .. whoops.. wrong place to type that. =P

Vivien discovering a new book.

I hang out in the study room too.
Sometimes at night.. there are ZOMBIES in the Library.. in the form of.. Xavier.. =P

Without enough Discipline and Diligence and Patience and Perseverance (edited words of Wanqing), a group of students CANNOT study.  - Wanqing: "WHAT happened to Discipline? .. What happened to Patience?? WHAT happened to Studying??" hahaha.. =P

But it all boils down to the time before you enter the exam hall. And it looks somewhat like THIS.

But when it's all over.. everyone's relieved.
And there was a briefing for the Relay for Life.. which was conducted by Andrew.. and had almost everyone laughing at the way he spoke.. for it was so so so so amusing.. hehehe.. "Hurry up hurry up hurry up!!"

I registered for the Chemistry Quiz not knowing at all about what would be tested.. then I caught Poh Chai and Song Hwee running in the rain.. with a faulty umbrella.. hahaha.. =P

Basically that's college life.

Hmm.. and this too. Cats doing stuff outside my room. =.=''

That and facing the attitudes of certain people and learning that gossip is an evergreen hobby of many.
Semester Two has ended.
Memories of a lifetime. *smiles*

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