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Study Leave

Etched by Isaac

And Metro Carnival!! =D

The event was extremely Fun!! Great turnout and fund-raising target achieved. Thank you to all the supporters who came of course. I realised that it is indeed difficult to ask people to help when it involves time and money. Typical of our materialistic and individualistic world.. Even to ask to come and experience the carnival, a multitude of excuses showed up. But there were surprises. Thank you Daniel!

Daniel who was back that weekend from his marine college managed to show up with his Mum and Mum's friend. =) thank you.

And Voon Ho told me he would come. And he did. =D and pulled a friend along. Nice girl. Very friendly. Haha. =) thank you too.

Support from my college friends came in the form of Andrew and Poh Chai! Hahahah. =) who got lost along the way... and took a very very very very long detour. =.=' FOUR whole hours.. oh well.. thank God they arrived safely. =) and very tired of course. Hahahhaha =) thank you too for coming. =)

And there were those invited by their MCKL college mates. Eng Hoe, Tristan, Chao Jie and more..

The carnival was great of course. =) So was the preparation.


Undeniably, one of the biggest attractions was the Sumo Wrestling, mainly because the sumos falling over were so entertaining to watch - everyone was laughing =D Unfortunately I don't have the time to upload videos here. >.< but there are some on Facebook. =D
The mechanical Bull was also a crowd-puller.. as people hung on for dear life and not to fall off.

The live band. John James. Russel. Boon Hoe. Wahaha. =P rocking the carpark.

 Clowns brightened up the day and took the tears away.. and sculpted balloons and took pictures.. for a fee of course.. =)

The Play All You Want tickets were indeed worth every sen spent as individual games would cost a whole lot more.
I especially liked the siren going off whenever the wire touched the loop in one of the games.. steady hands required! =)

 Darius and I got to advertise the Gladiator.
And we ended up falling over more than bashing each other up.. I feel that the air platform couldn't take our weight. So the commentator cum emcee was laughing his head off.. and so were the spectators.. as the two of us struggled to maintain our balance and ended up wrestling more than fighting Gladiator-style. =P
Pretty tiring though. Hahahahah! I totally enjoyed myself. =)

The Signboard for Directions. =)
My uncle's Fried Carrot Cake Stall. 
It was a hit and he sold his 300 packets within... a few hours. =)
What with people queuing up making a long queue.. hahahaha.. =)
Rivaled only by the prawn mee and the German sausage stalls. =)

Initially it wasn't too crowded..

But by the end it was worse than a Crowded Night Market! As people jostled to stake out their claims on the items of their desire.. hahahahaha

I caught Jessica in action =)

And the real Auction, unlike the fake one held the day before. =P

They managed to auction off a dunking of Pastor Ong. =)
For a high price. =D

The crowd went wild as the church's best sharp-shooters aimed for the target.. and Uncle Peter landed it straight on. =D

Tristan offered himself to get dunked too. =P

And Beatrice dunked him. Hahahahaha  =D

And so the carnival was over. Thank God for holding the rain till about 5 pm after the main events were all done with. And thank God for the huge turnout. And the collections raised. And the increased awareness of the presence of the Church in Batu Caves. =)
Those who couldn't come.. well they missed it. Some against their own will though.. and that's okay.. because there'll probably be another chance for them to come and experience it.

On a Friday Anthony introduced me to Fried Spaghetti.
And I've fallen in love with it. =P

The same goes for the Brickfields ABC. >.< too nice =)
Daniel was back for that weekend so it was a snap. Nice fit. Out we went. =D

He took us visiting. A free tour of his College. Pretty nice. Newly renovated. Before this it did look more run-down and dilapidated. =( but now it's much more modern. Great location too, just beside the monorail station =)

Couldn't help it. Had to come and eat the spaghetti before the exams. =)

Somehow Wai Xhen looks very cute. =P

And that's basically my holidays, besides the studies. =) Exams are on next week, for two whole weeks. >.< then I'll be off on a long break again =D Loads of stuff to do.. hahahaha =)

Soon it'll be back to Cendana for me..
After that it'll be Cemara, which is nearer to my college and therefore much more convenient =) somehow I can't wait. =D

Thank God for everything He's done. Forever. =)

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