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5:39 PM

Two Birthdays

Etched by Isaac

Kiran's birthday and Vanessa's birthdays are the same day. This led to a whole load of problems.. as one side was planning a surprise party for the other who was, at the same time, discreetly planning a surprise party for the other! Anyway, we got both of them together for a dinner party (not a surprise) and we ate Fish.

Eight guys and Two girls.
Where were all the other girls???
Apparently elsewhere with other people fulfilling long-forsaken requests to go out and hang out.
But that was immaterial. We celebrated Kiran's and Vanessa's birthdays all the same. =)

Birthday girls all smiles. =)

There was a hullabaloo outside the Fish Market initially though.

Deciding who's joining and who's not.
And with Yong Kai trying to feed Vanessa ice cream (unsuccessfully though.. haha.. )

Ghai Xiong was behind Yong Kai for a while too. 

Ghai Xiong is taller than both Yong Kai and I in person. =P

And this group of guys just had to conquer the escalator. =P

However, I managed to capture some more tranquil shots of the day, before the hustle and bustle began. =) 

Eating at the Market turned out to be a lengthy order with everyone taking their time to order their food. So Andrew and I rushed the process. Catalysts? =)

Finally the food came. >.<

Fish was fabulous food. The price.. I'd say it's okay to eat this once in a while but not all the time, if you get what I mean. Definitely more worth the money than McDonald's or KFC IMHO. =P 

Since it was right after our LAST paper for the SEMESTER, I guess we really enjoyed ourselves. It would also be the last time most of us would see each other until the next semester - seven weeks from then.

More photos of course. =)

 It is kinda sad that this was the first time I had actually went out for dinner with Gan.
He's my roommate. We've been in the same room for a year already. Wow. Time flies. >.<
Well finally the chance came! =)
 Pretty much the same for Andrew, but I had dinner with him at the Chicken Rice Shop before.. for Steven's birthday. =)
My housemate who always understands me. =) 
Andrew is yet to get his Facebook Account. Argh. =P

Then it was Jonas. 
Well.. the four of us won't be in the same house anymore.. I had to move out. 
I'll be in a different house next semester. =(

Room 2/312 - Cendana. Jalan Rajawali 6/6
(there are two more members not present)
Somehow I gotta say I'll miss these guys. >.<
But life goes on.. and we move on..

After dinner we walked about awhile.. 
And I caught Steven and Kit Yeng! =P

Hmm.. first time seeing them going out together. Hmm.. =P

And we took a few more pictures.. then we left.. all good things must come to an end .. just like the cliched proverb. =P

Chin Kiong bumped into us. Luckily he did or he'd have to take a taxi back by himself.

blurry picture. Happy Birthday Vanessa. =)

hmm.. somehow I must've forgotten to take a picture with Kiran.. >.< oops. .

And I actually managed to celebrate the actual day. =)

God Bless. =D

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