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5:13 PM

Two Outings.

Etched by Isaac

There has been an improvement in Poh Chai's sense of direction.. from getting lost twice to not getting lost.. hahahaha! Along the journey from Shah Alam to KL, that is. =)

Emery's in Town! Or apparently he has decided to show up, so we went out. Abigail was our other companion for the day (Poh Chai was lost)

His hair is just getting longer by the day.

We actually went into Madam Kwan's and then decided to jump ship after a look at the pricing of the dishes.. so.. we ran.. (more of walked but you get the idea) and we ended up here at Wong Kok.
Well, Emery and I learnt that cheese baked rice isn't the twin sauce thingy.. an expensive lesson I feel. >.<

It's great to meet up and catch up, especially when we're CHILDHOOD friends.. haha. =)

Since Emery claimed that this was healthy, he brought us here. Taiwanese apparently.

And Poh Chai finally made his way to Pavilion main entrance.. after getting lost twice along the way. Pity him. =(
So we went for a movie!

up the escalator...
..towards the WIMPY Kid

The movie was good. =)
And it was fun.. because it was a while since we've met up.
And Pavilion cinema seats are the best of all.. (minus those expensive class seats we normal folk can't afford)

Thanks to you three for coming =)

---------Next day -----------

I had to go back to Shah Alam to settle my clearance form. =(
So it was KTM both ways. One way alone. The other way with Poh Chai!! =P

we ain't coming here no more after this I guess

Caught Kah Yan at KL Sentral a little earlier than planned.. Then we headed off to the FRIED Spaghetti =) Thank you once again Anthony for showing me this place.. hahahahaha!

Chatted and chatted and chatted and ate.
Clutching our stomachs, we staggered off to the ABC stall..

Bumped into Jia Sheng there. Haha. =P
and the ABC was superb! =)

And then two hours flew by and it was time to part with Kah Yan.. bye.. and the two guys moved to Pavilion.. again.. hahahaha. =P

Nightmare on Elm Street had me yawning more than screaming.. actually I didn't scream at all.. I was too tired.. and the seat was So SO SO hahahahah. =P

So it was basically a day out with Poh Chai and showing him around and having fun before he left for Penang that night.
Pavilion is pricey. Loads of nicely decorated beautiful shops with shiny stuff and many sales assistants... all sitting down looking bored because there aren't any customers to entertain... =P
(off peak hours)

And we practically covered the whole building plan on foot.
Then I saw Poh Chai off.. and off he will go to Penang. Now he's in Penang. Semester Break!

And on Sunday I caught Amelia for a picture. She's Finally Back. =P

I look so so so old. >.< 
And she grew taller! (heels). whoops. =P

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