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3:50 PM


Etched by Isaac

Thanks to my WONDERFUL AWESOME God, I'm healed.
Frankly speaking, it was a miracle that I was able to actually attend the concert last night. Add in some jumping and other processes which caused the loss of half my voice. =P

Their music is just AWESOME.
Paradise Band from Adelaide, South Australia. =)

I want to thank all my friends for their wishes and prayers. =) thanks! =)
In actual fact, I'm not 100% okay yet, but compared to Friday morning when I couldn't even stand for 3 minutes without feeling faint, my health has improved by leaps and bounds. And I have muscle hurts all over.. but that's to be expected.

And my doctor called me "Hey Doctor Isaac!" when I walked in.. Hahaha!

And he told me I did self diagnosis when I told him I have Viral Fever. Well and apparently I was already taking the correct medicine - Paracetamol.. Hahahahah. And this doctor is indeed very kind. My mother and I were almost at the clinic that night when we discovered we didn't have enough money to pay the doctor. Deciding to risk it, we went in anyway, and after consultation, informed him that we forgot to bring money. He immediately brushed it off and said it wasn't a problem.

Then I mentioned we have a total resource amount of RM27.

Well well well, when the nurse gave me the medicine at the dispensary, she said "Dua puluh Ringgit"
I was like What??

(normally at least RM40 or RM50 per visit)

"Dua Puluh??"

"Ya, dua puluh"

So I fished out twenty bucks and paid the bill for the pills.
Mummy came out of the washroom and was pleasantly surprised. The doctor really has a sense of humour =) and he's kind-hearted too. =D

Thank God for wonderful doctors.
I want to be a wonderful doctor too someday. >.<

God surrounds His people with angels. That's what I've learnt. No matter what the tribulations or trials, He's always there for me. =) Thank you my heavenly Father. =)



Picture no. ?.. Forgot. Anyway this is Katrina again. =P
Usher duduk kat atas. =P

Benjamin! Who is going for camp! Yay~

They were autographing their CDs and DVDs. 
And I was selling T-shirts next door. =P hahahah =) 

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