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3:53 PM

Chi Yeen's Birthday Party! =)

Etched by Isaac

Actually, I found out about this particular Party via a certain miss Janice Koo on Teachers' Day.. so thank you to Janice or I wouldn't have had the chance to come. =)

Gatecrashing? I wonder. Oh well.

Anyway for the very first time I was the late one. =/
Poor Soo and Soo and Yem and Janice Koo and the Birthday Girl had to wait.. about 5 minutes for me. =P hahahah..

Seriously couldn't recognise Chi Yeen.. because she looks SO DIFFERENT.. Especially with the make up and all. (a lil like a ghost IMHO) =P

But I had a seriously FUN time with everyone. =)
Apparently there were a few groups of students there and I fitted into all but one. =D
So I had a blast.. disturbing people mainly.. and Joanna.. and Bernard.. =P and this girl called Jol Ann.. and Sze Yie (hope it's the correct spelling)
And of course catching up with Afiq the 3.95 MATRIX guy.. =P hahaha.. and Soo and more. =) Everyone!

Yem included. =P

She had this very large signature birthday card.. 
Typical Artistic Chi Yeen  =)

so so different..

Well.. Happy Birthday to you Chi Yeen! God bless and wishing you all the best. =) 
studies starting soon I know. =)
and.. SOO YEW SING... =P
nahh.. just kidding. =)

and yeah I met KAY YAN!! 
Hahahah =) 
long time didn't see this person. Roadtax. =P

Poor Soo was saying "Afiq is coming! Afiq is on the way!"
I guess he needed his "kaki".. haha. Because the party consisted mainly of Chi Yeen's friends (it's her birthday what) so he felt like a fish out of water. To be honest I felt the same way too initially but after warming up it became okay. =)

 Obviously I didn't miss the chance to disturb these two. =P
Joanna don't murder me please. =P
whoops.. I meant Bernard.. hahahahaha =P

take picture with Janice Koo.

the ex-Upper Six people really know how to have fun. =) 
I suppose it's easier as they were mostly from the same class. =)

Secret Recipe..
Birthday Girl! =)

 with the boyfriend who lay low throughout the party.. =P
nevermind.. we respect his decision. =)

I must say that Soo and Soo bear a remarkable similarity. =) 
Oh and I met Cheong Lung Chuin and his girlfriend. Interesting people. =)

as usual there'll be 'bashes'.. and after Soo was taken on, he turned on Yem.. hahaha =P

These two big monkeys. =P 

Group Pic!!
apparently the Lumix was the best camera there that night =)
(as usual *perasan*) hahaha! =) 
Moral of the story: Do your research before purchasing a camera
(or any other thing for that matter)

Mainly from 5C and 5K. =D
Oh and I met Jol Ann, the current head girl.. and this girl people talk about named Sze Yie. Cynthia or something. =P I don't know. Haha. =)

this picture kinda failed. 
Three towers.. but apparently not tall enough. =P

So another party over. =)
Thanks to Soo and Chi Yeen for the last-minute invitation. =)
I totally enjoyed myself. =)
Haha :D

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