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4:43 PM

Church Dedication Service

Etched by Isaac

The picture says it all

It is indeed an auspicious occasion to have a Dedication Service as we are dedicating the building and the church to God Himself to bless it.
And the church members worked very hard to pull everything off - loads of performances - singing and dancing and tambourines and banners and more singing and dancing and flags and shofars.

I caught Emery before service started. And we chatted.

The choir was very very good.

Amelia with the crown! =)

And they cut the ribbon.. which was held by Darius and I. =D

The Chinese Ministry's performance. Daddy says they always come up with simple stuff that's good. =D

Then for the NexGen performance(s). so many people involved. =P from the young to the younger to the even younger. And I must say that Abigail can SING. WELL. hahahaha =)

Then more flags and cloth banners that whizzed over our heads... "Ladies and gentlemen.. for the following performance please remain seated throughout..".. hahha =)

Then Pastor Ong took the stage. =) *applause*

With the ONE HUNDRED and EIGHT Kg cake!!

And then was sermons and speeches by distinguished guest speakers including Rev. Dr. Naomi Dowdy.

For the church to be where it is now, it's a MIRACLE indeed and totally Blessed by our Awesome God. Amen!

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