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8:43 AM

That was Fast

Etched by Isaac

The day began at midnight with me helping Gordon with his Physics.

Then to sleep........................ and to wake up.
 Opened my presents. =) thanks Poh Chai and Huan De.

Then off I went. Rushed.

To go out. To have lunch. To watch a movie. To walk around and chat. To enjoy myself.

And I so did enjoy myself. =D

Apparently this girl loves playing the drums. This type, that is. =P 

Thank you Vanessa for the absolutely WONDERFUL day! =) and for the present too. God Bless You. =)
The only regret was that I had to go back early.. play myself "Happy Birthday" the piano at home before eating a special Birthday Dinner by mummy. =D
Thank you mummy too. =)

And then cake and then to reply the close to 300 birthday wishes.. hahahahaha.
It struck me as surprising that most of the text message wishes came from my NS friends whom I've not had contact with for ages whereas those who are closer to me didn't really wish me Happy Birthday. Not that I really bother, but it shows human nature. Haha.

Anyway, God is good. God has always been good, and the fact that I'm still living now, hale and hearty to the age of nineteen is indeed a testimony to God's grace and mercy. I would have died a long time ago if not for miracles.

So it's a very Happy 19th Birthday to Isaac! hahahhha :D

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