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4:31 PM

A Global Day of Prayer

Etched by Isaac

It was a sudden decision to go for this prayer rally, but I don't regret it now.
The sheer number of people who gathered there was pretty amazing and a testimony to how Great our God is. =)

Somehow I felt that the style of music was exactly the same as that of my church.
And the atmosphere was electrifying. God was really there.
And Pastor Ong testified about our church! =)

welcoming the Runners!! =)

and in we went.. to see SO many people.. WOW..

The praise and worship team did a superb job and the sound system was top notch. =)

The many countries that came. Oops. I meant states. =P 

Then we were asked to kneel in prayer and to ask for forgiveness for our nation

it's in Shah Alam.

Indigenous people being prayed for as representatives.

So now I have had a taste of BIG events.
They're really nice.
God is indeed Good.

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