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11:56 AM

Hanging Out.

Etched by Isaac

FINALLY after much ado, we managed to agree on a date.

Wahahaha.. =P
When SIX people come together to chat and crap, sparks fly.. Now I sound like a Philosopher. =.='
 And talking about Malaysian time. Argh. Total failure. . . . . poor Lucas and Mun Fei had to wait for us for about 25 minutes. NIGEL!! =P I mean JASPER!! =P

We made it to Mayflower!!
Again thank you to Anthony for recommending this place. =) btw the Chicken Rice isn't too bad for the price. By that, I mean it's very good. =D
Jasper was AMAZED with the Fried Spaghetti. =D

Next stop was as usual the delicious ABC/Cendol. =)
With Nigel at it again. hehehe. =P 

At Times Square I was pounced upon by Hui Chiang. Wow. His hair is totally out of this world.. (in terms of length) hahahaha. =) And he was kinda disappointed that we always left him out. Somehow apparently he got cut off. Sorry man.. we'll include you next time yeah? =)

Mr. Soo and gang downstairs by the Teppanyaki too.

When they left, we still had over TWO HOURS to kill.
So.. we learnt our ABCs! =)
Apparently Lucas failed. Hahhaha!! =P
Oh, and I got scolded by the guard.. seems that Borders = No Pictures. O.o.. oops.. =P 

Wai Xhen.. No.. No.. NO!!..  *dies of cuteness overdose/vomiting*

FEEL the CREAM... 
Just FEEL it.. Ooooh...

And this is how we spent almost TWO HOURS. Chatting and drinking. 
What did I say.. "apparently we have ascended to the ranks of socialites, sipping frappucinos and hot chocolate in places such as Starbucks whilst chatting over non-related issues.. "

Yes, it's Jasper! =) 
all ready for School. =)

Nigel's Photography.

 Surprise, surprise, surprise! We met Darma outside the cinema! (with a girl. Oooooooooooooooo.. ) =P 
He's still as tall as ever.. =)

Watched the A-Team and left.
Nice show; impossible stuff is made do-able. =)
Had loads of fun.. then rushed off to school.. to meet Kar Wai! =) he's a great driver. And still somehow the same old Kar Wai of 5C with a twist. =P and off we went to the next event: Yuen Wai's Party!! =)

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