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8:58 AM

RFL '10

Etched by Isaac

I signed up for this event called Relay for Life.. without actually knowing what it was all about.
Then I discovered we're all volunteers. Okay..
Then that we have to stay overnight. Whoops. No parental permission plus next day would be the Church Building Dedication Service. So that was a no-no.

Therefore, I had to leave the premises early. But I gained exposure to such public events.
And I discovered that it is FAR to walk to the padang C from the LRT station. =.='' 8 minutes at fastest speed. Multiply that by two and you get the normal walking speed time. About 15 minutes.

Sadly to say, I didn't bring my camera. So no nice shots. Just those taken with my phone. Haha.
But the event was good. But the rain was a damper and it quickly turned the field into a muddy bog. After trying in vain to keep our shoes clean, we ditched the efforts and squelched around in the mud.
(it took me 5 minutes to hose my shoes clean before I left)

The clown was VERY LAME. IMHO, that is. =P
And I ate 3 kebabs for dinner! :D

Plenty of celebrities.. but in Kah Yan's words, "if they are celebrities, then how come I don't know any of them?" hahah! Good point. =)

But Kah Yan had the chance to meet her.. idolised.. Niki Cheong. Hahah. =P he looks much thinner in person than the picture in the column btw.

All in all it was a good event.
Free Milo and helium balloons! =)

and I learnt that walking in the rain is very nice. *smiles*

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