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9:15 PM

It's not always about the Pictures

Etched by Isaac

Sometimes I know people don't like visiting my blog because it can pretty much slow down the rest of their Internet browser due to the high number of pictures I post up regularly.

Well, it's not always about the pictures.
Not every post I have written contains pictures. Sometimes it's just rantings and disgruntled-ness that needs venting. It could be some dissatisfaction or happiness.

Then again, one has to question the very reason one bothers to blog. Is it to communicate one's feelings?
Is it an online diary?

How much privacy is still considered privacy?

And more importantly, is any of the information revealed via one's blog supposedly privy to everyone who randomly visits the blog?

I feel that I don't really bother who reads my blog. However, it is in some ways a method of keeping others in touch and up to date with what I've been up to, hence the numerous pictures.

It isn't about the number of hits.
I don't advertise either; this is entirely non-profit.

For now, I want to thank God for my parents, for all the care and love they've lavished on me since my birth. I realise that I am indeed very fortunate to have been blessed by such wonderful people for my parents, and as Mothers' Day has passed and Fathers' Day looms this Sunday, I want to thank my Mummy and Daddy for all they've done in my life.

God Bless my parents always. =)
I know there are two places in Heaven reserved just for them, best of the best. =)

I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am now without them. Seriously.
Praying for them always. =)

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