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10:00 AM

"Old Boys"

Etched by Isaac

Somehow it is true that your best friends are those you met in school. Somehow, college friends just cannot measure up to school friends. What more if those school friends have constantly been with you through thick and thin over the years, in numerous activities. Even more so, if those friends are your Boys' Brigade Friends. College friends are not to be blamed, as they probably already have their own circle of close friends, but anyhow, your own circle of friends consists of those whom you can rely on for support and friendship no matter what the circumstances.

Therefore, it was indeed a pleasure to be able to meet up with my gang of friends yesterday.

My day started off with Dennis. I dare say that he and Voon Ho are my two closest friends. =) Maybe it's because we share much in common, or have a similar mindset. Great minds think alike. =P
I visited his house area for breakfast and we had a fun time chatting like the good old days (I feel so old saying that). Discussing every topic under the sun whilst reminiscing the days of yore, when we were back in school. It's already been one and a half years and time really really flies. >.<

The two of us met up with Jack Kee along the way and then headed off for the court!
Voon Ho was the earliest (first time) and we had a game of badminton, all eight of us, with some coming late (as usual), then we headed off for lunch and dessert accompanied by constant chattering amidst the catching-up process.

Lunch was in this place called Palm Cafe, which was recommended by Yem. Jack Kee and I were surprised because we had never heard of it. Apparently it's very new. And the food there is pretty good, at reasonable prices (around RM7-13 depending on your choice). Nice clean place.

Next stop was an ABC stall near Woei An's college. Somehow the Brickfields ABC is still better. =)

And then we parted our ways and Voon Ho came back to ask for money.. hahaha.. And Anthony dropped us off near the station, and it was raining, and we walked in the rain, the three of us, and enjoyed ourselves.

How often do you get to walk in the rain?
Certainly brings back memories. Last time we did Drill in the rain.
Pesta 2010 Band Competition is over. The results are yet to be announced, it seems.
So right now the heat is on for the other competitions but for those who aren't competing, it's a camp of leisure in the heart of Penang Island. Wish I was there, but that just isn't possible due to certain problems. Oh well.

I guess the Pesta last time would be my last. And we totally enjoyed it.

Church friends are akin to long-time secondary school friends. My primary school friends, on the other hand, have all but vanished from my memory. Not much contact kept. And college friends, well sometimes I find that people have their own agendas and not everyone is sincere, but that is how the world works, and that is why they need to know the Good News and that's why we Christians spread it. =)

The holidays so far have been just great. A healthy balance of work, play and exercise, I'd say. All in all, I hope the rest of the days away from college will be spent fruitfully and not wastefully.
And the evil that is Plants vs. Zombies sits innocently on my hard disk, just waiting for me to click on it and waste another few hours. =P

Random: Right now there are three different operating systems running on computers in this room here. =P

Time Flies. >.<
Gotta catch Nigel and gang before the holidays finish. >.< apa macam? =P

Sometimes (more often than not), I look back and wonder what I would be like, what my life would be like if God hadn't granted me this scholarship.
I'd probably be very different, and more hardworking perhaps because I'd be doing Form 6. But I certainly prefer my current position and I thank God everyday without fail for all the miracles He's performed in my life.
God is amazingly wonderful and His mercies are new every single day.

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