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8:00 PM


Etched by Isaac

Sometimes you just feel fed up with everything and all.
Sometimes you get annoyed when things don't go your way.
Sometimes it irks you when people fail to turn up after they say they would.
Sometimes it's amazing how quickly plans can change.
Sometimes you look at yourself and say "WHAT did you DO??"
Sometimes it's just too late and you can't take it back.
Sometimes you scold yourself for just being plain lazy.
Sometimes you think you could have done better, if you stuck at it.
Sometimes you just don't feel like studying.
Sometimes you wonder whether holidays are meant to be productive.
Sometimes holidays are productive.
Sometimes they aren't.
Sometimes you get tired of being productive.
Sometimes you get tired of not being productive.
Sometimes you get tired of playing computer games.
Sometimes you just want to relax.
Sometimes it is good to blog what comes from the heart.
Sometimes we all have to say sometimes.
Sometimes you wonder why you even bother when nobody appreciates what you're doing.
Sometimes you remember there's a reason you're doing it, even if no one else knows it.

Sometimes Isaac goes crazy. =.=''

I just gave up on studying with the NOISE coming from TWO mosques. The old one was okay. The new one. Wow. 100m radius - Loud and Clear, and the cigarette smoke filtering its way through my window. Off to the PC!

2 opinions:

Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H said...

Sometimes you ll feel you're left alone w/o anyone cares at all.

That sucks, BIG TIME :/

Isaac said...

uh huh. yeah. =)
btw who are you? haha