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3:46 PM

Teachers' Day '10

Etched by Isaac

I left home late, to encounter a massive traffic jam outside my house. What to do..
Then I appeared at the Horley Link only to find that it was securely locked from the inside.
SO, I started my walk to school via the longer route, and I arrived in under 10 minutes, sweating away.

I discovered that YC has already entered the phase of demolition, to my utmost dismay. It was quite a while ago that I knew it would be torn down to make way for the new building, but it was like just another piece of news, but now I've seen it with my own eyes. Years of memories with the BB in that building will stay unshaken despite the physical absence of the building. Next time when I come back and see another building in its place, I'll always remember the times spent with all my friends within its whitewashed walls, doing punishments and playing instruments and working with stuff and performing seemingly impossible tasks as weekly duties.

Meeting with the teachers proved to be fun and also repetitive as I had to repeat the same information each time I met another teacher - where I was studying, that I wasn't overseas yet, what I was studying, where I would be heading, etc etc but it was worth it in my humble opinion.

I also managed to chat and catch up with many of the old boys who came back, and that was good. Oh, and old girls too. Not that we are that old, but that is what we are called. In particular Wanyi (whom I thought was still in the UK and I was totally surprised when Wai Xhen said she's there). I think I kinda became Wanyi's guide for the rest of the day. =P hahahah =) if you're reading this Wanyi then let me tell you it was my pleasure =) hahahah =D

Wen Chean and gang were there too. With Jonathan Lee.

Janice Koo came too.. and looked a lil more like a younger girl than an older one. =P 

Eng Hoe appeared. So did Afiq and Kum and Tyo and Weilun and Vivian and Joanna and more.

Talking to the F6s was fun too as I don't normally get to catch up with them given their extremely packed schedules. =/
Found you Dennis! =P

The performances were nice. Especially the breakdance one. =)


And Wei Yei and Jason were singing. O.o

And most of the F6 gang were standing in the field. =)

I must say the style of the Teachers' Day celebration was different for the first time - they had it in a Carnival-like style, with two or three different events going on in different locations. This method certainly led to a carnival-like atmosphere, with little control over the students' movements. But I must say it's unique.
And the Upper Six prefects are still the mainstay of the Board. I wonder what will happen next year. =/

 Oscar can really sing. And I mean really sing. Very well. The voice belies his looks. 

So after that we went for lunch and met up at Times Square for Prince of Persia. Thank you Nigel for buying the tickets. =)

Janice Koo looking lost. =P 

Yee Seng.. as usual.. the same style. =)

And I discovered there's a party tomorrow. =D

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