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11:57 AM

Yuen Wai's BBQ Party

Etched by Isaac

It is true that I have not attended a single NS get-together gathering since I left NS. How am I supposed to attend when they are always organised in distant places whilst I am in Shah Alam, don't have transport and I have classes? =P

So anyway it was great of Yuen Wai to organise and invite us to her place for a barbecue!!
It certainly was great to see the NS buddies again, after ONE WHOLE YEAR. >.<

When I walked into the hall, I was like.. Hello..........

*quiet hush comes over the chatty people*

then the pandemonium started.


hahahahaha! =)

And we chatted and chatted and chatted and took pictures and chatted more. Apparently most of them are in F6. 5 out of 8 in fact. Wow. Poor Yuen Wai was busy running about being the hostess and juggling her time between the two major groups of friends - Form 6's and NS people.

But we all had FUN. =) LOADS of Fun. =)
CCP, Sarah and I teamed up against Kuah to debate about the time-saving concept VS buying time.. and sleeping.. and other such weird topics. Totally random. Hahaha. =D
Peter was busy cooking. O.o

Jun Tung is a menace with his camera.
Next thing you know, all your conversations will be on FACEBOOK.
Sarah: WHY is it PINK????

anyway, this is Sarah. =) with me and with Jun Tung.
I realised all of us look the same as last year, just that now the guys actually have hair. =P

Eventually we went to help start the fire, which was a total disaster until Yuen Wai's father came along. =.='
Basically we didn't have any fire starter, besides newspaper which totally burned up without burning the charcoal and in addition to that, the charcoal was the BBQ charcoal variety which burns without flames, and IMHO is harder to get burning compared to the normal charcoal. So with Kar Wai and John and Peter and CCP and I put together, the fire died and died and died. Until Mr Soh came along. Hahaha. And eventually the fire starters came too.

Yes, that is how TALL he is..

singing sessions.

From then onwards, the NS gang practically took care of the barbecue pit and food.

Sarah was Hyper as usual. Screams aplenty.. hahaha

Miss Magdalene was too hungry to resist the tempting aroma.. =P
Poor girl got pushed into the pool by her friend. .  all wet.. aww.. =P 

Monkeying about as usual =)

And Kuah was creating new kinds of food. =P

The BBQ team. =P

Hostess Yuen Wai!! =) thank you!! =) for everything. =D

My camwhore skills have yet to fail me. =P hahahahahah =D

But there's a limit, of course. =D

All in all I had a really fun time. =)
NS people ROCK! =)

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