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10:50 AM


Etched by Isaac


A chance to spend money.
A chance to meet up with Friends.
A chance to catch up and make merry.
A chance to enjoy the holidays before they end!!

And of course, Fried Spaghetti is a Must!
He likes it apparently (he told me so). =P hahahahaha

Explored Times Square with Emery on that day too.
Never knew that mall had fitness centres and fish spas on top
And loads of la la clothing. =.='

This is a separate day. 
Wangsa Walk. 
Since Beatrice insisted on going there.
We ended up not even eating there.. =.=''
Cinema seats are kinda narrow. But the cinema is nice. New. 

After Dinner.
Beatrice and her alcohol-filled chocolates.
Mine broke and dripped alcohol all over the floor.
Hahaha! So I was spared the red-faced-ness. =P 

And apparently Beatrice and Tristan are an 'item' and are close to 11 months. =.=''
And I only knew about 2 days ago. =.='''''''''

Emery's reaction to the chocolate.
Naughty Beatrice. Eating alcoholic chocolates.. *points finger*.. ooo..

College is starting!!!!!!

p.s. Thank you Emery for coming all the way. Glad you enjoyed yourself. :D

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