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3:06 PM

College Has Started

Etched by Isaac

I don't think I have the time to blog properly.. So this post will be devoid of pictures.
Anyway, college so far has been good.

We've settled our Bio field trip, started classes, received exam papers, checked through and discussed them to discover we know so little and we have new lecturers.

I find that time flies.
The MBS Family Day was really great because I got to see my old friends,
Somehow the new friends in college can never equal the old friends from school. =/

I'm not complaining that I don't have good friends in college; make no mistake about that because I DO have good friends in college, some maybe a tad too good at times till they become bad.

When Foes become friends.. and when friends become foes. Tables are turned and you are left in a dizzying rush of not knowing exactly where your position is and who you can trust.

There were struggles over class issues and despair at moments but I hung on and trusted God totally as I didn't really know what to do. And I've seen human selfishness manifest its ugly head in those I see around me at college.

The CAM camp was awesome too. =) And I'm glad one of my college friends managed to make it.
It is just so difficult to get non-church friends to attend church-organised activities, even those that don't have  anything to do with Christian stuff. =/

But I thank God for He is Good. Indeed good.

College is in a nutshell, a melting pot of cultures and personalities and the group you choose to hang out with, or listen  to, or be influenced by, will indeed determine the way you live your life in that place.

Many a times I find myself longing for the past but that will never come to pass as the past has passed and will never return; that's why I keep looking forward and praying and trusting.. and keeping the faith, for I know I have a God-given dream to fulfill with this life of mine.

Friends are indeed a blessing. Family is an even greater blessing. There is no place like  home.

The new hostel is better in some ways than the previous one, but I do long for the olden days of Cendana at times. =) those were indeed the days. Yes indeed. =)

Just before I sign off from this post, I want to say that I feel that possessing all the smart-ness in the world is totally useless if one's character is not up to par in terms of being a good human being. That smart stuff in the brain might as well be relegated to the dumpsite and the body be disposed off in an incinerator.

Smart people should be smart in behaving too, and not be spoilt Selfish Brats who can't even lift a finger to help others or contribute to the general wellbeing of the coalition or group - Isaac's observation and conclusion.

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