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10:30 AM


Etched by Isaac

Life constantly changes.

Longing for the good old days just doesn't make the cut; it is futile.
In these trying times, all we can do is to look forward, close our eyes, and trust God.
For it is now that our faith will be put to the test - when the going gets tough.

Maintaining the delicate balance between work and relaxation is proving to be a formidable challenge, yet it is not unsurmountable. 

It is a time when we see the ugly side of human nature rear its tossing head; people selfishly pushing forward and stepping on others just to get a little bit ahead.

Where is the servant character??

For we are called to be servants, to show that we care, to do as the Lord did.

But is it possible to be a servant character in this competitive generation? 
Is the idea still relevant?

I believe it is. 
And I am trying my utmost best to achieve that status.

But it is not easy.

However, I believe that in the end, God is just.
He will reward and punish us accordingly.

Meanwhile, I pray for increasing strength to overcome the dauntingly impossible challenges that I face everyday. For I know He will not put me through anything that I cannot overcome, with His help. 
So I strive for likeness with my Saviour, day by day I push on. Keep me strong, Father I pray. 

Good times and bad times. He is with me throughout. And for that I am truly grateful =)

The MBSSKL Family Day was awesome! =) 

I certainly miss the BB. 

Voon Ho's Ghost House. =) Crowd puller!

I must say I certainly didn't expect to see Pang Jiunn there. 
It's been such a long time.. 

This is a new format of picture I created.
Kinda long..

Apparently Ghosts eat food too. 

Anthony dancing was one of the biggest highlights of the day. =) 

Another item was Mr. Wong getting dunked.. hehe

And here's Gordon! =) 

We had a reunion. And it was AWESOME.
I seem to be becoming more like Jonas. Anyway that's okay =)

It was so so fun. =)
Many thanks to all my friends.
Anthony don't fly away... =(

It is times like this that I am reminded of the importance of having good friends whom I can trust.

The CAM retreat was really fun too, though it was kinda short. Another night would've been great. =) 

The people there were great. =) 
God is indeed good. =) 

Group Shot!

I truly thank God for giving me the chance to be where I am right now.
God is Good!!

*sings - forever You will be.. the Lamb upon the throne.. I gladly bow my knee.. to worship You alone.. * =)

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