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Etched by Isaac

Without doubt, I must say that this holiday has indeed been an AWESOME one!

Gatherings, outings and other stuff aside (such as Issue Reports, Field Trip Reports and Ethics Reports), I feel that everything was overshadowed by that one meeting with my Primary School Friends, whom I've not met for SEVEN whole years.

At this point of time, I realise that friends are forever. Though we had not seen each other for so long, (and some couldn't recognise each other), the years of absence melted away as we joked and laughed and poked fun at and caught up with each other. Seriously happy.

They all look so different. The girls look woman-like of course.. And the guys.. Well they look different. =) 

But time flies. And the biggest surprise was that out of the twelve or so of us, SEVEN are doing (or going to do) medicine.

I mean, what is the probability that so many of us would have chose to do medicine?

I was flabbergasted. Astonished. Knocked down. Abruptly. 

But somehow I was thankful. And still surprised. Wow. =) 
God is good. That small little seemingly-insignificant primary school located in some unknown area long long ago has produced such ambitious people. Wow. *feels proud of heritage*. LOL. 

Ken Lee and his refills. =P 
Nicole and her smiles.
Kah Yan and her blur-ness.
Harvin and her Harvin-ness.
Kreshenka and her Drama-ness.
Sean and his formal style-ness.
Joshua and his unusually-quiet-ness.
Isaac and his Hyper-ness.

We moved outside for a different scenery

Plenty of  motion capture pictures too. 

Of course, there were other meetings with friends.
I really like playing badminton. And improvement is part of the Game. Loke! =D

Went for this thing called the Book Fest too.

And the Malaysia Day Prayer Rally. That was good. Very good. 
It is humbling to realise that the Christians in Peninsular Malaysia are actually the minorities; those in East Malaysia are the majority, and that they use Malay as their medium of worship and preaching.

I have come to realise that worship songs in Malay are really melodious. 

Cell group has proved to be a worthy investment of time.
Unit Trust. =) Hahaha!. :D

We have to remember that God doesn't want us to worry about tomorrow because He will provide. 
And that doesn't mean we don't take precautionary measures or plan or work, but just that we shouldn't stress ourselves fretting over the problems of tomorrow. Anyway we don't know what will happen tomorrow so why worry?
Every day has its own problems; that's enough. 

Got out with Dennis again! hahaha =) 
And the three of us ambushed ZX. 

And so today I managed to meet Boh Zhuang Xiao. (back from India since before Merdeka)
And there were these super cute Tic Tacs she gave us. (aww thanks) =D

We ate and ate and ate and chatted and laughed. Hahaha.
Shabu One is a good place to go (with student card)

And we camwhored with the National Geographic frames in Lot 10. 

Honestly, I had intentions of updating more often, but other duties took my time away.
And the IELTS and MUET Exams are coming very very soon. Oh No.
I certainly hope that this idea for the class dinner won't backfire on me. Well, if it does, I can say I tried my best. Hoping for a better class this half-sem.

It is true that the higher up you go, the more selfish people become. 
God give me the grace to be a good steward of all that I possess. Anyway everything I possess is for the Glory of God.

So go figure. Realign priorities in life.
What is is all about?
or God? 

Mind-boggling question indeed. But it seems clear that there isn't much purpose in living for ourselves.. it's no fun. And it's stressful. So there. =D

Oh ya. Mummy's wonderful new Hobby - Baking!!

I thank God for wonderful parents =)

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