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10:12 PM

Holidays have begun..

Etched by Isaac

.. and here I am blogging about college. =.=''

Anyway.. I uploaded all the pictures that I didn't have the time to upload before.
Just to keep uploading. =)

Sometimes a blog is more accessible than a Facebook account.

Anyway, the worst of Semester 3 is over - the part where there are non-stop tests, assessments, assignments, reports, trials and exams. Coupled with the hectic schedule of the fasting month a.k.a. Puasa Month and the lack of buses due to this month, this past 3 weeks have indeed been a challenge.

It never fails to amaze me how selfish people can be. Even more so when their time is squeezed. You can really see the selfish juices gushing forth. I find that sometimes it's just better to not bother so much. Might save myself from dying a premature death from heart attack or something.

During such trying times, it's good to surround myself with people that emit positive energy. Those who you can practically feel the positive vibes emanating from their presence and actions.

Stay away from the devil. Yes.

The devil is slick and cunning and he comes in many forms indeed, whether in people or circumstances or those you least expect.

Prayer kills the devil.

Anyway I'm utterly grateful to God for getting me through this mess of the past few weeks and helping me to finish the first half of Sem 3.

Somehow after the Chemistry Topic Test yesterday ended (the test which was held right before the holidays started), I didn't really feel that it was over; I just felt a numbness and blur-ness. More of a sense of calm than a sense of joy or happiness.

As people rushed about and Vinondh and Viswan yelled "MERDEKA!!!" seven times from the corridor outside, I took my time to get to the bus and get back.

Is it over?
These two weeks are merely a break from living at College.
There is never an actual holiday. At least not now. Not yet.
There is always work to be done. I just take a breather and go under again.

Amongst issues with past year papers used as tests, cheating, copying, fraud, selfishness and blatant disregard for authority, I realise that God keeps me safe and sound. God keeps His people safe.

Pressures to study have kinda eased over time. I've realised that there is so much more to life than just getting HIGH grades.

And some idiots just know how to memorise marking schemes in order to obtain the highest grades possible.
In the real exam, that's just not going to happen. So there.

Is it a problem?
I think so.

Some people just like spoiling other peoples' days.

Mental illnesses. Psychological disorders. Diseases of the mind.
These are indeed difficult barriers to overcome. God bless those inflicted.

Friends turn up in unlikely places as those of your kind betray you more and more.
Is life treating me harsh? I don't think so. I'm doing great. =)

It's certainly good to know that I have good people to depend on =)
And it's great to be on HOLIDAY.

Planning to go out! =)

But yeah. Pictures!!

The kind lecturers who lecture my class on academic and other matters

He is patient. Very patient. Mr. Mano. Biology lecturer =)

Mr. Allan - I daresay my favourite lecturer for the time being 

Stuff that goes on in class.

The day the Evil Mr. Orange came and took over Chien Chong's table. =/ 

Not the V. But they are visitors. =) 

Good use of the class T-shirt

My classmates are cool. Or at least some of them are. 

This gang went for the F&N thingy in Starhill that one weekend!

Always sticking together. 

I must say this is a very cool speaker. =) It looks like a cross between a UFO and a mushroom. =D

Moving to the Chem Lab. 

Not all chemicals can be found in the laboratory.

But there's always Mr. Allan to turn to in times of need. =)

Of nasi lemak and dancing esters. =) Song Hwee!!

There's loads of stuff that happens outside class too.
Like this!!
Which we did last time. Now we're SENIORS. Oooo.. *feels proud*

Just some random shots.

I spotted Xavier rehearsing his speech! 
Kinda scary to see him walking about and talking to himself though. 
I guess that's how the pros do it. =) 

Read the caption

I like the new hostel because the bus service is more frequent. =)

In the German Class. =) 
Exam at the end of the Year!! 
Kindergarten level certificate. =P 

In the vicinity of the Biology Lab
We have this amazingly cool Microbiology equipment!
And bacteria and liquid agar.. that's really nice to work with.
And Dettol and ethanol that makes your hands literally squeaky clean. =P 

Clear zones of inhibited bacterial growth in the nutrient agar.

This is how we do it. =) 

Mr. Mano in Action. =D

Sometimes the view looks absolutely Great but once you take a picture, the splendour fades.. =/

The place where I spend most of my free hours studying/revising/surfing/scouring/searching.. 

Once upon a time, there was a fly.
It had to be so unfortunate as to encounter a person who was faster than it.
The end.

I tinted this photo. 
It looks weird.

And that pretty much sums up college life for the past one a half months. =D

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