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11:43 PM

Hong Kong Boy

Etched by Isaac

That's where Anthony is now.
You'd better take care and study hard over there man! =)

We'll all definitely miss the boisterous you. =/

Memories over the years filter back as I look back in nostalgia.

May God bless you and keep you safe over there my Friend.
KCY faster come back  =P

Our recent outings. =D

To Lookout Point! =)

My camera ain't good enough. =/

We definitely had fun.
But there was this sinking feeling that we would be missing you a lot.

I believe you've achieved the status of "All Rounder"

Will keep in touch. 
Too bad not all of us could make it that day.
But there was Sunway. =D

Glad you like your gift!

And we take pictures
But the memories live on

Just read the captions

When you're back we'll go out again.
Thanks for the times =)

Your friend, Isaac. =)
keeping you in my prayers. 

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