The Sky never was the Limit...with God

Ramblings and reflections of one growing in stature and wisdom and in his walk with God :)

1:57 PM

Picture of the week. =)

Etched by Isaac

 - Vanessa - 
Caught in action. =D

Chemistry Topic Test down.
Muet speaking down (and it was great, thank God for giving me the wisdom to speak and touch the examiners' hearts)

Stats Test tomorrow.
And Bio Topic Test coming on Wednesday. Have to read through the entire topic Myself for the very first time.. and through two textbooks. Ouch.

Had a great time yesterday at Church. =)
Emery! We'll play again next week. With Voon Ho.

God causes us to grow to maturity through disturbing Life Experiences. Especially true in the past 6 months of my life. There are no shortcuts to Maturity; even the snail reached the ark by persevering. =)

Now for another week. BIO!

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