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3:27 PM

Time Flies

Etched by Isaac

Amen and Hallelujah!
God has healed me from some sudden sickness which took my entire Saturday morning (which I initially planned to use to do some academic work)

I was feeling super cold though the room was warm. And I had a headache and diarrhoea. But now I am okay!

Very happy.
The past week has gone by just like the wind. It's been yet another week. Another week of hostel and college. But each day I learn something. And God has indeed been good to me =)

Biology test is over and this week will see the appearance of the Ethics test (which will be on Saturday)

These are random pictures taken during the week =)

A superb drawing of the knee. 

 Carnivorous cannibalistic ants!

 Lettuce sandwiches with tuna.  =P 

 Lil green bottle sittin on my table. =) 

At KFC  =) 

Somewhere in Cemara Grounds

Picture of Andrew

 To take the class picture

At the Piano Place

Cats in Trouble

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