The Sky never was the Limit...with God

Ramblings and reflections of one growing in stature and wisdom and in his walk with God :)

11:26 PM

As I sit here

Etched by Isaac

As I sit here and blog in tranquility, I have sufficient time to reflect upon my life thus far.
There is ample time to acknowledge the numerous blessings God has showered me with.

The simple things in life that make it all so worthwhile.
The little things that people do for us.
The small tasks considered minor yet they make a major difference.

Kindness shown by total strangers.
Favours from people you don't know well.
Help in times of need.

The feeling of being home.
Feeling safe and sound.
Though you may be in a foreign place.
That soothes the soul.

Though the challenges may be mountainous,
I will push on..
In my chase for the elusive serendipity..
Of the quiet whisper..

Of God saying. . "Well done"

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