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10:26 AM

All in One

Etched by Isaac


There was this outing to the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale in South City Plaza. The volume of people buying books was amazing, and we were stunned when the guy at the entrance yelled out "Get your BOXES here!!"

The Mad Race.

Outings with Vanessa in Search of FOOD.

And we both went about eating FOOD. And I think we put on WEIGHT. A big change to the previous weeks when we were both sick and lost weight. Hahahaha

Vanessa somehow dragged me to Petrosains. But I definitely had loads of fun.. the last time I was there was when I was a kid. Now I'm a BIG kid. Haha =P

The days before the attachment were filled with feasting and eating and eating and eating and more gluttony as I stuffed the best food in Penang down my throat in three days. Haha. Besides that, I went Places and met People and did Stuff and was Happy.
Hospitality is a wonderful trait to have.

Basically there I ate about two and a half times the amount of food I usually eat in a day. Talk about eating out of house and home. =P 
A million thanks to my wonderful hostesses =D Their hospitality knows no bounds. 

These are some pictures from the days of past which I forgot to upload.

Time certainly flew and Semester 3 has finished. Now there's this month of December to utilise and then there will be two months to trials at the end of February. After that there's the study leave period and the actual Edexcel A Level exams and then people will be flying here and there and I'll probably not see them for the next five years, or maybe never ever again.

Life is a funny old thing which continues to amaze you in little ways and it keeps getting more complex as you journey down its snaking corridors but what is important is that you never lose sight of your destination and that you're sure where you want to go in life and what you set out to achieve in order to make it all worthwhile.

I didn't take the German exam in the end because I didn't prepare enough for it. But anyway I did learn enough from the class. =) and congrats to those who faced the exam. Everyone passed.. all the nine of them. =) Frau Maria is certainly a wunderbar lecturerin. =D

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