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2:40 PM

Family Retreat

Etched by Isaac

I must say that this holiday was by far the best because of this trip.
We actually went to Kuala Lipis then to Fraser's and enjoyed ourselves the whole way.

For the first time, I experienced a ride in the back of a jeep. Not just any jeep, but a modified 4X4 jeep which navigated seemingly impossible muddy terrain and rivers and hills accompanied by steep drops and squelchy bogs.

The bone-shaking ride was AWESOME.

And the waterfall at the end of the ride was equally AWESOME.
The pictures tell the tale.

Then it was off to Fraser's for us and we checked in at the usual spot. =)

Basically we enjoy cooking food in Fraser's. Somehow food tastes better when it's cold all around you and when you're at Fraser's. Hahahaha.

This time round, we went hiking along the trails. Plenty of wildlife and plants which we don't see back down in KL.

All in all, it was a great time with family spending precious moments together in the mood of the holiday season =)

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