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11:00 AM

Hospital Attachment

Etched by Isaac

Now that my hospital attachment's done, I can finally start blogging about what happened from after the exams till now.

It has been three long weeks, and I don't feel that time has passed but somehow I find that the exams were such a long time ago, but when I glance at the calendar, it has only been three weeks. Plenty of time if it's planned properly, but nothing much if I just stick myself to the PC every waking hour.

The hospital attachment was an eye-opener, and definitely great exposure to the way a hospital is run, and the different departments it comprises. Interviewing medical students (MS) and doctors was indeed the highlight of the five days, as we pre-medical students (PMS) were only there on an OBSERVATIONAL attachment.

In other words, we were allowed to see and not touch or prescribe medicine.. etc etc. Honestly the idea of us trying to prescribe medicine came funny to me when the Matron briefed us on Monday morning.

However, after that, time flew (or crawled, depending on the circumstances). The most fun parts were when we were with the MS people who were with their Professors. Looking at how the MS people were taught and shot by the Profs certainly had an impact on our perception of Medical School.

Talking to patients and also visitors helped to fill in the blank periods, as well as washing our hands with alcohol-based gel. I think I washed my hands about 20 times on Wednesday. Hahaha.

Seeing the patients in suffering, especially the diabetic patients in the Orthopedics Department and the children in the Pediatrician Department was not easy, but it was alright after a while.

Basically, people in the hospital treat you like how you treat them, as some of our groups were told off by the doctors for staring...bla bla bla.. but my group was quite fine, it seems. Apparently the most important skills in being a doctor are Communication, Compassion and Teamwork.

And we had endless reminders that the pay does not compensate the effort put it. Investment totally outweighs Profit. Amidst laments from certain doctors about the cars they drive and negative comments from MS people, there were a few sparks of hope in optimistic doctors and MS people who said they have no regrets choosing their walk of life.

Not so many pictures though. Haha.

2 opinions:

Jia Hui said...

Hi! Where did you have your hospital attachment done at? Do you know any hospital in KL provide this?

Isaac said...

Hi Jia Hui, as of now I've done hospital attachments at a few hospitals. Most of the hospitals in KL take medical students, but you'll have to enquire with the HR department of the respective hospitals to find out exactly what documentation you'll need to provide, and whether the posting you want is available, and when it will be available. Hope that helps. =)