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8:57 PM

I remember the day I was Slapped

Etched by Isaac

Somehow this memory has stuck till now and a recent Facebook add evoked images from the past. 

It was a usual day for me as a Form One probationary prefect. I was doing some rounds and taking care of a class in line in the assembly grounds.

There was this boy who got angry when I told him to line up properly. He got mad when I tried to physically nudge him into place and said "Don't push me!!".

Being the naive boy I was back then, I ignored what he said and pressed on, determined to right the wrong.

The next thing I knew, the world was a blur because my spectacles had flown to the end of the line. My cheek was smarting from the force of the slap and I was stunned. I wasn't exactly hurt; more of being stunned and surprised that something could hit me that fast without me seeing it or expecting it. Hahaha. Immature me. 

I still remember it was Chao Jie who picked up my specs for me and after that things were like a whirlwind.. though the line of students was very very quiet.. 
The discipline teacher demanded that we both apologise to each other in front of the whole school (afternoon session at that time) during an assembly.

Apologies over and done with, the boy and I were still friends but I never saw him again after he transferred out in Form Two. (back then I don't recall anyone using Facebook)

Now that I come to think of it, I never held any grudges against him. Being slapped was a very new experience to me because I'm a good boy and don't normally get slapped. =P 

But I never blamed him. Somehow there wasn't anything to blame him for. And we were still friends (as in not enemies)

And recently a person added me on Facebook and I looked at his pictures and something struck me. Is it him? Hahaha =) 

Time heals wounds and now I'm more curious than anything about him. What has happened to him in the course of the past 6 years or so? Has he been fine?

On another note, it seems that I'm able to read people. This is a very interesting hobby of mine. Analysing people. Sometimes it's scary how much you can tell about a person from a small conversation. But that's a topic for another day. =) 

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