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8:24 PM

More Outings =)

Etched by Isaac


Absolutely a lot of fun. And Laughing Out Loud. I had quite a lot of fun there. It certainly was nice to meet so many people and to gather more information =D

I'm glad Voon Ho managed to make it. =)
Jack Kee would've been there too.. but oh well.. haha


A Facebook-organised Outing

Plans to have a Lunch magically materialised on Facebook one day. Plans were made and guests were invited but after a while it became clear that there wasn't going to be any outing if nobody did something.

So I posted something on the wall of the gathering and Hwa Jiunn came immediately and continued the questioning and it was just a matter of time and text messages until we all met up at Lot 10 for lunch and then later a chatting session in and around Pavilion.

Good to meet up with the long-lost Prefect gang. Haha =) though incomplete it was alright. =)
Also to meet the other MBS guys. =) nothing quite beats meeting these friends from secondary school. =)

Even Tan Pang Jiunn came! Awesome =)

 Really miss the times in school but now we gotta look forward

I even caught a shot with MJ who was visiting Lot 10. =P

 MJ walking about with our gang. Cool! :D

 Kay Yan and Drink. 

 There was this joke about me being big and small. 

 Old Town was the only place we could find that was sufficiently empty and could accomodate our 14 people. So after rounding Pavilion and going into and out of Coffee Bean and using many escalators, we decided to sit down here and chat. =) 

The 4 guys above attended job interviews. =)
Hwa Jiunn has certainly made over his wardrobe. =)

Though after all the laughter the hostel still beckons, it's great to have memories. =)

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