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9:12 AM

So it's Christmas

Etched by Isaac

Yes, it's that season again. Jingle Bells and Carols abound in the air as people exchange wishes and presents in the presumed intent of spreading goodwill to all mankind.

Shopping sprees and stunning bargains aside, Christmas isn't actually about the much-hyped sale season. Neither is it a time of marketing ploys (though plenty of businesses choose to ride the waves with it and boost their sales). Even more so is it not about the presents (well thought or crudely wrapped).

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. Most people have probably heard this story before and will go like "Oh yeah.. yeah that's right.. Yeah I know.. Been there done that.. "

But take away the uber large shopping malls and the festive music and the commercial spirit. What did those people of older times have to celebrate? There certainly weren't CHRISTMAS sales back then neither were there CHRISTMAS specials on TV nor were there CHRISTMAS open houses. 

There was something else.. something that has been there since the beginning whether people acknowledge it or not. And that something is indeed still here. It's the Spirit of Christmas. The knowledge that God sent his Son to Earth to die for mankind's Sins. Like an innocent lamb led to the slaughter was He and only pure blood could have cleansed our sins. Any other attempt would have been like the blind leading the blind.

It's good to keep that in mind when we celebrate Christmas.
And it's good to not waste food though it's in abundance as it probably isn't that way in some other places where people live off less than a dollar a day.
It probably isn't much of a Christmas over there, where they think more about where to find their next meal then about fancily wrapped presents and the latest technological breakthrough kind of gadget and expensive meals in classy restaurants.

Therefore we should be thankful for what we have and stay positive and remember what Christmas is all about throughout this jolly season which comes a week before New Year's Day.

Wishing everyone a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

This is Isaac, signing out. =D

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