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Etched by Isaac

Sometimes you just lose track of what it's all about. At times like these it's good to take a break, pause and relax and have a look at the big picture to see what you were heading towards then realign yourself.

It can be difficult to keep going when there is so much distraction about you; when the temptations lurk all around and there is this little voice in your head that says that it's alright; nobody cares.

But that is when you have to identify that voice as a destructive one, and push on earnestly in the ultimate aim of fulfilling your destiny.

Like in Pocahontas, we have to learn to listen to our hearts.
(and more often than not, to God Almighty who knows all things)

Life can be depressing when you start to compare yourself to others.
Every person has a unique burden to carry.

Some may have physical afflictions. Some have material restrictions - a lack of money. Others may not have the opportunity to further their studies. Even worse, some may be coerced into child slavery or labour at a tender age. Some are married off to ease the family's economic woes. Then there are those who don't get even one square meal a day. Some survive on mud and nothing else. What if you're infected with a disease like AIDS?

When you put all these scenarios into the big picture, that is when you put things in perspective, there's actually a lot to be thankful for.

For example, good (or moderately good) health, a relatively stable nation to live in, the chance to study at the tertiary level and loving and kind friends and family. Not to mention a rock solid God to back me up.

Yes, I definitely have a long list of things and people to give thanks for. And it's not going to be about the material stuff this Christmas.

It's going to be about Smiles and Joy and Laughter and Happiness and Goodwill and Thanksgiving.

I certainly hope that my friends who just finished their STPM examinations will use their time well. (what with the increasingly worrying road accident occurrences, they need journey mercy)

And the next things lined up include meetings and gatherings and .. PD. =)

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