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9:10 AM

A Time to be Merry

Etched by Isaac

I'm still on my saving spree.. four separate outings over four days and I still haven't spent 50 bucks! This is indeed a great accomplishment. =)

Apparently our friend Matthew Ooi is Back from Australia. So the gang decided to meet up. And in the spirit of exercising, we walked from Times Square to Pavilion just to take pictures. And that was after getting to Hu Tong in Lot 10 for dinner (probably the best place to eat in a shopping mall in KL for the money)


The best part about Pavilion was definitely the escalators.. pranking Matthew on the escalators, that was. =D

Then off to the cinema area where we squabbled over the movie. Ended up we didn't watch movie. It was late. =(

But we had a great time at Snowflake (and finished their snowflake resources too)


An invitation by Chong Yong Shean to accompany them to purchase MPO tickets saw me visiting the Toilet Bowl Restaurant. >.<

Kinda disgusting. =P

And I became the guide as no one knew how to get to KLCC from Jalan Hang Tuah. But it was okay. =)


Badminton games are great. I believe I have improved a lot compared to last time.
Hui Chiang was pretty surprised at the level of Jack Kee's and my game. =D

And Lucas was there.. (not playing but watching and later bickering with Nigel as usual)

Thank you Jasper for organising =) One more next week? :D

Our friend Nigel wants to get a new phone! Ooooooooo.....


The Promise.
This production by the church (although smaller than its predecessors), was indeed marvellous. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. =)

The Choir was amazing =)


BBQ. (about the 5th BBQ I think)
An animated Gordon telling stories from his camp. =)

And this is Katrina again. With a Face. =P


Recently I read through a post I wrote over a year ago and went "WOW! I wrote that?!" 
Hahaha. =) thanks E Von. :D 

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