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3:04 PM

To PD and to Melaka and to PD

Etched by Isaac

The STPM students finished their examinations, so Loke organised a trip and invited me. 
It was so fun =)

We spent like the whole of the first day cooped up in the cars and in the bungalow because it was raining.

 But it was fun still and there was a session at the beach and that day they decided to go to Melaka.



Finding the place was a bit of a hassle, as everyone was relying on the GPS and the name of the place was misspelled, so we ordered dinner at 9pm. This was near the Portuguese Settlement, so we took pictures.

After that, it was off to Jonker Street where Mock Kar Wai came up with the idea of doing a flash mob. For the uninitiated, a flash mob refers to a group of people condescending to a public place and freezing in position for a fixed period of time, leaving the onlooking bystanders to gape in amazement as they wonder what these crazy people are up to. Hahaha. =)

Joy Yoong and I took pictures for the second segment of the flash mobs. Performed along Jonker Street. Haha!

The next day saw us visiting Cape Rachado and taking in the breathtaking view there. Monkeys abound too. 

Night time was barbecue time!
Fire starting was an easy job for me. =P hahahaha. 

And later that night I managed to catch some lightning (with my camera)

The beach wasn't exactly all golden sands, but we enjoyed ourselves all the same. 
Most of the fun was in the fellowship and the laughter. 

Now those people will be kinda free until their results come out and I wish them all the best =) 

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