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7:43 PM

When Things Come to a Close

Etched by Isaac

So it's the end of the year 2010 and publications and papers are full of year-ender articles and stuff and all. I'm not joining in the fray personally because I don't write that kind of stuff...

But anyway this year was a great one in which I had plenty of chances to take leaps of faith and I learnt to put my trust in God even more as I matured from day to day facing numerous challenges the details of which I will not put up here but you may see me in person to enquire for further information. =P

I don't know about most people but I find that I seem to be growing exponentially (not in height or weight or depth) but in character and personality. It takes time and experience to know one's self, and I am no different.

What I am today is a complex mix of what I've been through (personal experiences), together with some genetic predisposition and environmental factors, and of course the God Factor. Humans are complicated. It's a fact.

And when the rubber hits the road, the time comes to decide what you want to do. Time and tide wait for no man. Golden opportunities present themselves but once. You just have to strike while the iron is HOT. This year saw me taking loads of risks and entering new, unexplored and potentially dangerous territory.

I'm still amused that quite a few people my age (or within one year of my age) comment that I seem to think and talk like someone much older. Perhaps this is a reflection of my maturity. =P hahaha.
Somehow things have changed in my life this year, and the way I behave reflects that. (though sometimes I behave like a kid though.. hahhaha)

This blog has become more like a treasure trove of memories stashed away in the wild wild web for me and a few others to access. Though I started the adsense, it's not going to pay the bills. =) More for fun than anything else.

And the past few days have seen me playing Badminton!
Badminton tomorrow again! Yay =)

2010 is coming to a close. God Bless you all everybody =D

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