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6:12 PM

Back To School

Etched by Isaac

Somehow the holiday feeling is still here.. though the real A Levels exams are in this semester.
I don't feel like it's time to study.. for tis the season to be jolly.. hahaha.. =)

I like the feeling of sending 12 nukes onto an ACU. Yeah. :D

I've been to Shah Alam and back today.. and will be back there tomorrow. This also marks a dry spell in new posts for this blog. But that's alright =)

Next up will be Chinese New Year! And in the meantime, Happy Blessed New Year 2011 to everyone out there. =)

Indeed it will be a year of Following God Fully.

Watchnight Service was totally AWESOME. I was deeply moved by the numerous testimonials, especially by the one of God slowly healing blindness, retinitis pigmentosa. God is a God of Miracles, and everything can indeed by done if it is His will, and in His time.

Miracles are possible in this time of downturns and negativity.

Anything is possible. =)

Looking forward to another AWESOME year with my friends, family and most importantly, God.

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