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9:57 PM


Etched by Isaac

I don't know why but I certainly don't really feel like it's Holiday yet.
I still feel the urge to study and do work and notes and stuff like that.
This is minus the fact that I seem to be pretty much stuck to the PC and the newspapers so far.

Gatherings are coming!

I'd say that the four weeks of classes in college so far have been great. Things have definitely changed and alliances have shifted but I have to admit it's good to have good buddies to rely on, and that I know who is good and who is unstable. Time flies, without a doubt, and it's already the week-long Chinese New Year holiday season.

After that it'll be back to classes for three weeks then trials for two weeks then another week-long holiday.
Then it's classes for five weeks and then study leave for three weeks then A LEVELS for SIX Weeks. Then that's the end of College. =(

I'll definitely miss college.
Though it's the place I discovered the pains of having ulcers and serious stomach problems and difficulties beyond measure, I've learnt much from this place in Shah Alam.

The people too. Only some will be with me after college. That's a bummer. =/

Anyway, it's the holidays, and the urge to blog is here.
Reading up on laptops is certainly confusing, with loads of reviews and some conflicting information. Hopefully I'll be able to buy one this year. It's true that the later you buy a laptop, the more the price drops, and the better quality and performance there'll be for the price i.e., more bang for the buck.

Right now I have this statistics past year paper under my palms as I type. Gotta mark it.
Anthony's on his way back to M'sia tomorrow!

Blogs have kinda gone out of fashion because of Facebook but that's alright.
Random ramblings and musings of mine will never go out of my own fashion. Someday I'll look back and reminisce the "good old Times".. LOL..

This year I'm turning TWENTY! I feel so old. Oops. Haha.

Perhaps I'll be able to reverse the ang pau graph trend which tends to obey the rule saying that Collections are inversely proportional to Age.

Some Pictures..


Till then.. Isaac signing Out. =D
God Bless =)

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