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Etched by Isaac

So life is back to normal in college, or so it seems.
Results are great considering the rest of the students' results. (hahaha)

As Pastor said, there will be a change in alliances this year, and there already have been changes.
And it is raining as 2011 will be a Wet Year.

I just had a great game of badminton with Jasper, Loke, Lap Bann and Yem. Apparently the working life ain't that great after all. And A&W Root Beer is totally fantastic. And so are their fries.

Anyway I find it weird that some people have split personalities. It's weird. The study of human behaviour is indeed interesting, as is the observation of human behaviour throughout my daily life.

I have to say that God has been great in these two weeks of 2011 so far. Multiple blessings and favour and opportunities. =) And answers for impending questions of heavy weights. Thank you God.

Blogging is a method of expressing one's self but I still feel that nothing gets more personal than handwriting. A handwritten letter would be much more treasured than a well-written email. So much more goes into writing a physical message than typing one. The emotions, picked up from nuances hidden amongst the lines, that's what counts.

Life is good. Life has always been good because God is in charge of my life.
Rev. Nicholas Choo is an awesome Pastor. Not that my pastor isn't awesome (he totally is), but today's sermon was very true and it hit the right spot.

3 chairs. I want to be in the first chair too.

And I'm still wracking my brain thinking about how he kept the 9 boxes inside the small paper bag. Magic tricks ahoy!

Time seems to pass by at an infinite speed. It's already the middle of January. And we seem to be making plans for Chinese New Year. Wow. Thaipusam is this week. Ponggal just concluded.

I don't know if I'm ready to take my A Levels yet, but something tells me I'll do just fine. (but I still have to work hard of course)

Money is fast becoming a subject of discussion among my friends. It seems that it is elusive and has a tendency to disappear faster than it appears. Hahahaa. =)

Pictures of times of past.

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