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2:05 PM

A day well spent

Etched by Isaac

Obviously it was well spent in the company of good friends. 
What with Anthony back and yesterday being the only day he was free, we just had to have an outing, and we had our regular marathon outing - badminton followed by lunch and movie. Sadly, the movie was not to be, but in retrospect, that was a blessing in disguise. (and patched the hole in the wallet too)

The game was great. Luckily we were early, and thank God Chin Woo was open (very surprisingly but at a premium price), so we managed to avoid losing our precious badminton game.

Catching up with Anthony and the others was awesome =D

Lunch at Wong Kok and pity poor Toh Seng who had to contend with us not being contactable during the badminton game. Kudos to Matthew for showing up for lunch (why not the game? Hahaha).

We even met Kee An in Pavilion. Kee An needs to look at his commitment issues. Hmmm.....
Treats from Taiwan and HK aside, it was an awesome time of reunion with good old buddies and contemplating the future.. after all, we're Twenty. O.o.

Oh ya Voon Ho's birthday is coming. Hmm.
Till then.

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