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8:59 AM


Etched by Isaac

Somehow I've become numb to examinations and tests and their kin alike. The upcoming trials which will start next Monday will just be another round of studying brainlessly and watching the grief and worry and rue on my coursemates' faces as they undergo round after round after round of mind-numbing revision. I don't know why but I feel that the amount of time put in studying totally does not reflect upon the marks in the final call. Like what Mr Allan said, the "Marks against time put in studying" graph levels off after a short initial upward burst after which extra time spent studying does not result in a dramatic increase of marks.

Life is a funny old thing - quote from Literature text.
Life is an observance of the behaviour and nature of other people. The realisation that we are all merely human and all have limitations, shortcomings and other such things.

We are not perfect.

God gives us the grace to be strong, and for us to live on this Earth, we have to learn to live with, interact with, and relate to imperfect people for we ourselves are imperfect too and it is through our imperfections, we can boast of how great our God is for His greatness is made perfect in our weaknesses. Or at least that's what I can remember.

I have to say a HUMONGOUS CONGRATULATIONS to all my STPM friends. They did so so well. I couldn't help but think that if I hadn't been blessed with the scholarship, I'd be jittery too the day before the results were released, but God sent me along another path, and I have yet to find the true purpose of Him doing so.

Time zooms past us somehow and it's already coming to the end of February. Trials will be here for two weeks, then a week of mid-sem holidays. After that, it'll be a rush to complete my long-overdue Unit 6 Individual Investigations. If only the lab assistant was around.. Oh well.

Right now as I sit here typing this, most of my college mates are probably studying their Bio or Chemistry feverishly as cold sweat breaks out as it dawns upon them that they have lost most if not all of the knowledge they so carefully gathered over the past 1.5 years. I thank God for blessings and abundance for He is good to me.

This is from my Facebook status.

"I finally realise that I have to contend with the cockroach that shares my hostel with me. I see it every morning and it retreats into its two-dimensional world of filth and darkness and I decide to leave it in peace.. for God gives us the grace to relate to the imperfect things in this world to keep us strong. . . ."

And there will be a time when I get to upload pictures, but not now, for there is breakfast to settle and a whole lot of Bio and Chem to dig into after that. Got to go......... =)

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Sarah Sue said...

"His greatness is made perfect in our weaknesses"

Indeed, yes! : ) God be with you during trials and forevermore. haha! :)

Isaac said...

thanks =) hope trials wasn't too TRYING. =P haha. Happy Hols! :D