The Sky never was the Limit...with God

Ramblings and reflections of one growing in stature and wisdom and in his walk with God :)

The never-ending saga of seemingly futile attempts to overcome astoundingly difficult papers set by our lecturers certainly took its toll on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Cast in iron, the story was told as pages unfolded to reveal insanely tricky sentences of words stringed together aimed to flummox even the most ardent student of the A Levels examination.

We soldiered on, paper after paper, our pens held fast in hands, readily poised to strike at the very beginning of every Time, not yielding until Time had ended and it was Time to end.

It's not a Fairytale; It's a TRIAL.
And only those with nerves of steel and unwavering determination and awesome Faith managed to hang on as the tsunami swept over us all, washing the unprepared away down the deep drain of dogged desperation.


Enough waxing lyrical about the 16 papers which I sat for in two weeks.
It's OVER! And it's HOLIDAY. (but somehow I'm going to study instead of enjoy myself. Maybe I shall enjoy myself studying. Ooo. )

On an unrelated note, Facebook photo upload speed loses to snails right now. Pictures of snails below later.

The first wave to hit us when we go back on Monday will be the results of the trials.

But anyway, God is Good and He has always been good and He will always be good to me (and those who believe in Him of course)

I find that time flies, and I'm TWENTY this year. Old. (sorry to those older than me, I can't help it)
The Education Fair today was cool in the sense that this time round, I was there not seeking help on available options to further my education (as I have an AWESOME God who provides me with the perfect path), so I didn't have to worry about anything much except to not bump into people and knock them over - yes it's possible for me to do that unwittingly of course.

Praying for a better future and a safer world and peace in Japan too over here and that time will pass slower and not zoom past, so I can actually do some stuff. Hahaha.

Pictures from the past month or so attached below. Next job is to read the Papers! Yay =D

my Awesome lecturers. :D

pounding stuff to make paste and icky-poo stuff. 

Gifts lighten up peoples' lives. =)

so does Secret Recipe apparently. =)

when you have nothing to do at the KTM station.. 

Must admit that Mr. Mano is awesome. He can do anything.. hahaha

Putting what we learn into action!

I got fedup that I wrote the note and stuck it on my table.. and voila! Problem solved. =) 
(with some scolding of course in addition)

Beautiful scenery taken by Vanessa and I (more of her than me though)

As you can see, it's really random. =) 

Lucas, Mun Fei and I who chatted for about 3.5 hours. =D

Cool outings and cool stuff. =) 

Met Sarah at the Education Fair!

And this is like WOW for Anthony!!! Hahahahahah =) 

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