The Sky never was the Limit...with God

Ramblings and reflections of one growing in stature and wisdom and in his walk with God :)

         Inevitably, life will throw us decisions and this puts us at the Crossroads. Whether to take one path or the other, and Why. There are undoubtedly numerous underlying factors ascertaining as to which path one may choose.

         Then there are the Trafffic Lights. Situations when the brakes are put on your hard-thought-out plans (or hardly-thought-out plans, depending on your position). More often than not, this would be when God has something else in mind for you. He might just make it known via His messengers, whether in the form of friends, family or circumstances beyond your control. At those moments, you can only stop and wait for the green light.

         Directions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each with their own subverting intentions or honest causes. Everybody likes to give others directions, but not many willingly submit to them. The question is whether you follow what others say or listen to God or your heart. We will not always be sure as to which voice to listen to. The world has many opinions as all and sundry can publish books detailing the procedure of How and When and Where to do What according to each and every viewpoint.
I honestly forgot what I wanted to blog about. Now that the holidays are over (and they were certainly great times), and I'm back in INTEC, I find that time passes too fast. Recent incidents and talks have got my mind-wheels and cogs turning again. This age is the most volatile as it is when mind meets matter, when rubber hits the road - when the sheltered young persona makes a date with the World and Reality, and all too often, it is harsh reality that hits home.

The world isn't as rosy as it seems.

It takes all kinds to make a world.
The human mind is a complex thing indeed, which is yet to be understood by mankind.
Sounds ironic, no?

The brain is known to possess a quality named "plasticity". This refers to the innate ability of neurones in the brain to form and reform connections between each other as and when needed, practically allowing the brain to rewire itself.

In layman's terms, this means that we are able to learn new things/abilities/skills/methods of doing things/recover from brain and spinal cord injury because our brain cells are able to change the way they connect to each other.

Thus, the human personality can also change to reflect the situation in which the human is placed in life.

It was difficult to take the blow that came when the poor old soul crumbled and collapsed to the ground in my house just two days ago. The clang when it hit, (and the fact that it was partially saved by its chair) just saddened my heart.

The argument that the heart is not as important as the brain does not hold water, in my humble opinion. Though it may be true that by scientific knowledge, the brain harbours emotion and feelings, and the heart merely pumps blood around the body, God has made man such that the Heart is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. By this virtue, the heart is the home of the Soul. Man is not Mind and Body alone; he has a Soul. This is what distinguishes us from other mammals and animals - they do not have souls.

When a Man dies, what happens to the Soul? It can very well head for one or two places or get stuck in between, wandering the empty chasms which exist in the very fabric of human existence and this planet.

The point is that the journey does not end there.
Death is merely a transition point, when we leave this mortal bodies, when the first part of life ends, and a new chapter begins. How and Why we do not know - only those who have experienced it will know, and they live not to tell us the tale.

But this is not a post about death. Neither is it about the afterlife. Those are matters which are sensitive and vary according to religion. So I shall not go into those areas.

This is a post by a person who is being challenged.
This is a rambling and ranting piece of text.
This is a random prose.
This is a mixture of carefully chosen words strung together to give a specific meaning.
This is a Blog Post.

Welcome to my blog. :D

That's random.

If only human bickerings could be whisked away to oblivion with a wave of a wand.
If only tensions were eased via treaties and agreements.
If only the world were perfect.

Sometimes people are too idealistic. But if we were not to be idealistic, there would be no more hope left in this world. Where would the room for divine intervention be? Missing?

Life is a funny old thing (plucked from the poem studied in SPM)

Once you leave school, the years between different batches of students gets smaller and smaller and eventually unimportant. Foes become friends and friends become foes or both of them fade away and morph into mere acquaintances.

This year I turn Twenty. 2-0.
Honestly speaking, I feel like I just sat for my SPM. And here I am. Now. It's different.
Everyone is growing older. This I cannot prevent. Yet why would one like to live forever? It is senseless. This world is not our final resting place.. we are only in transition while in preparation for a better place. At least, that's what I believe. I'm a Christian.

Life is Good.
(because God is/was/will always be Good)

When I look back on my life thus far (now I sound like a very old person..hahaha), I can really see that I never ever really worried, and that I was always safe and well-protected. There's an invisible Hand guiding my life, and I'll always follow where the Hand leads me. That's God. I thank God for the many blessings He's showered upon my life.

In my opinion, many people should learn to count their blessings, and not whine and grumble over petty issues.

Learn to be satisfied with your lot in life. Not to say that we shouldn't work hard to improve ourselves. By all means, do work hard. And do it legitimately.

The principles which guide our lives will ultimately determine the sort of decisions we make, and how we turn out to be in the end.

Now to get back to doing some work.
Pictures will appear over the weekend. =)
God Bless you

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thx for the message IZ

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Isaac!!! ur post is totally encouraging. =D God bless you too!!! ^^

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