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10:05 PM


Etched by Isaac

It's kinda sad how life is that once we get settled down and get used to a place, it's time to move on to another.

But life's like that.

Finishing the interview marks another step to my journey to University.
Thank God for interviewers who were quick and witty.
Unfortunately, they were frustrated because they couldn't find any basis to shoot me on as I wasn't "bragging/boasting" about anything.. and so they had to specifically ask me "What are you Proud of?"

 Overall the interview went smoothly. Thank God.

And now I can finally start playing studying.(I should have done that a LONG time ago)

I'll just leave the results of the Interview to God for now while I concentrate on my studies.

Some shots of today. =)

Btw, Firefox 4 is Cool, TBBT is awesome and Asus makes some terrific laptops. =D

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