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10:49 PM

The Casting Call

Etched by Isaac

This is where I begin the post.

The past five or six weeks have been a frantic rush to obtain trial paper results, conduct unit 6 trials and settle the Unit Six REPORT as well as manifesting the class's apparent appreciation for our lecturers and dealing with certain roommate issues.

Time passes way too fast. It's already the study leave period. That means that life in INTEC as a normal student is practically over. Null. Declared void. Friends. All everywhere doing their own stuff striving to accomplish their own goals though we all have one thing in common: we have to prepare to the best of our ability to score 15 points for the actual A Level examinations. 

Day in and day out I go to college and freeze in the library or chase people to conduct memory tests on them. Food is a constant topic of conversation. It's always "What's for dinner?" after eating lunch and "What's for breakfast tomorrow?" after eating dinner. Food people. 

I've been meaning to blog for a long long time now. Every time I have the inspiration, it's taken away by the necessity of doing something else hence this post today after I put my foot down and DECIDED that I. WILL. BLOG.

And so Blog I Shall. 
Blog I am. Blogging I mean. 

The original purpose of this blog was to type out stuff so that I and other people can read it. 
The purpose still stands.


I would like to say that life is like a casting call. 

and so... What's YOUR Role?

A pretty good question to ask yourself. What's my role? What purpose do I serve? Where do I fit in? What set of rules and social conventions must I adhere to? Why do I do so? WHO sets the rules?

Inevitably, the decisions willingly or unwillingly made in the past will affect the way you live in the Present and thus influence the way you live your Future. 

I was sitting in the bus on the way back from an Easter production just last night when I started thinking about this topic in detail. It's not that I never thought about it before; now it seems like a more relevant time to do so. 

Look how far I've come. 
Or how much I've accomplished.
Or how little. 

It's all relative. What I have now is a direct result of my past decisions and actions.
The crowd of people I mix with - they're the people I chose to mix with in the past and now carry on to the present and will most likely continue in the future.

Then I think. If I had lived my life differently, where would I be now? Would I still have this scholarship? Would I be here? Would I even be alive? 

Difficult questions to ask because they come together in a humongous confusing lump in a theoretical never ending loop that ceases to answer the question.

In other words, there was a writhing of the soul running through my very being. It craved Purpose and Acknowledgement that I had at least achieved something substantial or that I had fulfilled some mission; so I wouldn't feel that I had been led down the wrong road. 

Now you have to know that God hears your cry and sends help, which can come in many forms.
Direct answering is one way but more often than not, he sends help through messengers - people. They may be people you know or people you don't. Even enemies. And God did send help last night. That person consoled me and made me clear all that confusion. I was okay again. Thank God. 


Back to the topic of the Casting Call. 
So anyway what's your call? 
You have to find that out yourself. Nobody (except God) can tell you for sure.

On the same topic, some people seem to be weirdly-cast. (or they're just playing their roles in a weird manner)

Behavioural symptoms such as multiple-personality disorders generally don't run well with the gamut of social humans. God help such people. 

And some people just tend to be selfish. Self-preservative perhaps, but they really shouldn't do it to the extent of inconveniencing or disturbing others. Such actions only show that they are selfish pigs without a whim or a care for people other than themselves.

Allowing language to limit the people you mix with is a big no-no if you intend to expand your wisdom and knowledge.

Not learning from the mistakes from others is a warm welcome to trouble to trouble you.

Trying to be funny with authority usually means you're playing with fire.

Words of wisdom perhaps? I don't know. 
Testing 66 different peoples' memory within 2.5 days was certainly taxing on my physical and mental resources. Thank God for strength and great friends who were willing to help me out. The report is done, printed and handed up. FINALLY I CAN START STUDYING! (kinda pathetic I know but that's the way it is.. a nagging voice at the back of your mind going like "Unit 6... Unit 6... UNIT 6..!!")

I have to thank Vanessa for introducing me to two wonderful eating places. Carl's Junior and Seri Keningau. They're AWESOME. 

(besides the watering hole adjacent to the library's 24-hour room of course)


Sometimes I feel guilty for not attending more gatherings by friends.. but that's how life is. You grow closer to some and simultaneously distance yourself unwittingly from some. Time goes on. But you know that they're still friends.. just not totally up-to-date. 

I believe that lecturers should be better appreciated by their students. Most students don't half know the amount of word put in by their educators. But then again, I don't control peoples' minds. 

The upcoming three weeks hold great promise. There will be an interview and I will have to attend it. I have to prepare myself. But that's not all. This is just the beginning................. PAST YEARS! I salute Xavier for actually finishing Chemistry past years.. Kinda impossible but he did it. Wow. I personally have yet to do past year papers. Have to finish.. somehow. God will give me the strength and determination and discipline.. I pray. 


A mish mash jumbleup of picture of the past one and a half months. :D

Random scenery, meetups with friends, still life objects, moving live people and others. 
And a gift of a watch.

that's all for now. 
God Bless you =) 

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About Me said...

Isaac if there was a 'like' button on blogs i would like yours a million times. =) All I want to say is, people come and go. It is up to you to decide who you want to keep in your life as a friend and who you want to let go. Those who did wrong to you, forgive them and let them go. There's no point in letting them hurt you any further and even worse, when your hard work is never appreciated. Its just a waste of your time. Might as well spend the time praising the Lord aight? =) God will bless those who are patient and who forgive. Isaac with the amount of patience you have and the number of times you forgave others, I think that God is extremely pleased with you. =) You're doing great. I am proud of you. And I certainly like your status on facebook. AWESOME. =) Oh yeah, God knows what is happening down here. Don't worry about people not appreciating your hard work. God is appreciating everything you do. =) Continue being patient Isaac. You did good. *thumbs up* =)

Isaac said...

thank you. *touched*. :D