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12:54 AM

to let go.

Etched by Isaac

I just knew it this morning when the preacher asked for an altar call for people who had something to let go of.

I knew I had something to let go of, but I just wasn't sure what it was.
So I didn't go.

Now I know what it was.
And it's not pretty.

I need to surrender it.

Before it tears me up and plunges me into the deep recesses of the bottomless pit.
Before I have to gnash my teeth.

It's really NOT easy to be a good Christian.
But the blessings are waiting there at the end.

Heaven beckons.

This Easter I learnt something. That it is always good to forgive and to let God take the burdens and stress and frustration.

And to thank God for wonderful parents.

thank you, Abba Father.

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