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9:41 PM


Etched by Isaac

Somehow the rush of the exams takes time away like chaff blown by the wind. It Disappears.

It's already on to the second day of the second week of my A Levels and I don't feel like I've started. It feels just like another test. Haha. And today's paper was indeed a TEST. Harder than any of the Edexcel or INTEC past year papers. But thank God for wisdom to answer what I could. Not that I could answer everything but I feel I did okay. =)

More time spent doing past year papers and studying than anything else.

Things are like a whirlwind now and the only reason I'm blogging is because I don't want to study; I want to sleep; and I have access to the Internet. ( hahaha )

And I haven't blogged in quite a while. =D

A Levels are interesting... hahahaha. Tired. Need more rest. =/

God Bless =)

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布克梅德 said...

I don't want to study and want to sleep too~~. =P