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7:10 PM

Study Leave?

Etched by Isaac

Is the period when we leave classes to Study, Study and do nothing but Study.

Obviously NOT. I just got back from rounding Times Square and Lowyat Plaza. I am so dead. Hahaha.

I thank God for grace and strength to keep pushing on even when times are terribly tough.
Though the winds fight you and the current pushes you back, you can always depend on the Rock - His name is Jesus.

Weigh your anchor and stick to your spot.
Hold your head high and budge you shall not.

I don't know how to say this, but it seems that it always hits where it hurts the most. And you're expected to double over crying in pain and fall down and bite the dust and never get up again.

I say NO.

I say I get back up and continue fighting till the ends of time meet each other and say Hi.
I say I keep going for the goal when others say it's not possible.
I say we should just strive harder and turn up the heat.

Keep hanging on and pushing forward. Marching steadily on we chant a chorus. To battle it seems. To war and to Victory which it brings.

This blog is one that will go on, despite the other things I have to do.
And this post is not about this blog.

this post is about the fight.
the battle. the crunch. the victory.

I need God. As usual.